S2Engine HD cutting edge graphics


Cutting-edge Graphics


The new S2 ENGINE HD offers dizzying performances including all the most advanced techniques in 3d real-time and videogames.

As for Physics, Audio, AI, Assets Importing, the graphics system is implemented in a separated module (DLL).

Virtually you can implement your own rendering engine in order to have more than one graphics subsystem and choose which to use in the startup configuration. more...

S2ENGINE HD flexible animation system




Flexible animation system


The Animation Blending system has been completely changed from the previous.

In S2 ENGINE HD animations are organized into channels, in each channel an entity can simultaneously run multiple animations, each with a different percentage.

For example, 20% walking and 80% running, or, can have a percentage of strafing in relation of the "aiming" direction. more...


The Power Of NVIDIA Physx


For the first time in the history of the development of our technology, S2 ENGINE HD takes advantage of using the powerful physics engine NVIDIA Physx.

Thanks to this fantastic library physics of S2 ENGINE has never been so stable, fast and rich of features as now. more...

S2ENGINE HD advanced AI System


Advanced AI new features

Compared to its predecessor S2 ENGINE HD has a specific module for the Artificial Intelligence management. It is mainly engaged in the management of steering behaviors, pathfinding and combat tactics just like cover points.

In this new version AI entities (agents) are able to see and hear everything is happening around them. They can be programmed, using the scripting language, to respond to stimuli from the outside through their senses.






3D Audio System


The audio engine also has been enhanced from previous versions.

Now you can have the ability to manage the blending (i.e. mixing) between more music tracks.

You can also manage the Pitch of sound sources.


S2ENGINE HD Dev tool


All-In-One Dev Tool new features


S2 ENGINE HD comes with a brand new development tool that allows you to quickly and easily create game prototypes.

The user interface of the S2 ENGINE HD development tool has been fully programmed using the interface system of Engine itself that, in turn, is built on the rendering device.

With this system it will be easier for us, in the next future, porting the engine to other systems such as MAC-OS or LINUX.

It has also enabled us to achieve a more professional interface design and introduce new mechanisms that make the editor more usable and comfortable than the previous version. more...