S2 ENGINE HD is a complete general-purpose software kit for developing and running videogames or other virtual-reality applications such as architectural walkthrough, physical simulations, etc...

Just like the previous version S2 ENGINE HD is based on a modular architecture.

All subsystems as graphics, audio, physics, input, AI, import are implemented in separate DLLs and linked to the main system through abstract interfaces .

With this mechanism the engine can have different modules for the same subsystem, such as one OpenGL rendering engine, one DirectX 9 , one DirectX 10 , one DirectX 11 , etc.... and during the startup configuration you can choose which of them to use.

s2engine hd



Revolution is here!


Developing games is as fun as playing them using S2 ENGINE HD!


The editor of S2 ENGINE HD has been specifically designed so you can immediately see the changes you make to the virtual scene:

no more waiting for pre-processing operations (such as lightmaps or BSP), in S2 ENGINE HD every change takes effect immediately : the shadows will move if you move the light, day will become night if you will bring forward the time, the rigid bodies will fall to the ground while respecting the physics laws if they are placed in the scene.


You can create mountains, fill them with trees and plants, create clouds, changing weather conditions in your virtual world or put vehicles and rigid bodies and see them interacting realistically with the environment, and then more ...

All in just few clicks and All in real-time!

s2engine hd



Who need it?


From single users to architects, from indie teams to semi-professional or professional game teams,

all can take advantage from S2Engine HD technology power for producing games, serious games, architectural walk-throughs, realtime animated sequences, simulations and so on...


Discover the power of S2ENGINE HD