steering behaviours



The helpers are the basic objects of the AI system of S2 ENGINE HD. They may be simple points that indicate entities AI a certain position, they can be dots indicating a covered position within a certain range, they can be connected dots, waypoints, that form paths for path-finding or they may be areas or volumes that indicate the forbidden or viable zones.



Steering Behaviours


Compared to the previous version of Engine Steering Behaviours have been completely reprogrammed.

Now the movement direction and aiming direction are separated, so you can ensure that the entity can aim and/or shoot in one direction while moving in another.

With this system the movement of the NPC becomes remarkably realistic, especially when integrated with the new animation blending system (see animations).


New behaviors have been added (built on the basic ones) such as the hiding which allows agents to hide behind trees or bushes.

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path finding




The path-finding system of S2 ENGINE HD allows AI entities to know all the pathways needed throughout the scene with little intervention by the level designers

who need to insert waypoints only in some areas. For example, in areas where entities need to enter buildings or climb stairs.

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S2engine scripting language


Script Language


The S2 ENGINE HD script language has been completely reprogrammed too. Compared with the previous one, the new script performs all the arithmetic and logic operations of a professional programming language with a syntax similar to C.


Syntactic structures such as cycles and Conditions are permitted and also you can write and call functions.


The S2 ENGINE HD language has a set of basic functions and operators forming a library that allows you to have control over almost all the Engine features:

input management, configuration management, graphics and physics management, receiving/sending messages, creating and managing graphical interface, level loading, loading/saving files, animations and steering behaviors management, and more.


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Event Handling


Event Handlingnew feature

Starting From version 1.03.00 the new Event Handling editor is available.


This powerful tool lets you to visually organize game events and actions to be performed when events occur.

So the game flow can be controlled visually by building the events/actions tree: The first event is always game start, so you can, for example, play a cutscene at game start by simply putting the action PlayCutScene below the event OnGameStart.


Every event or action has its own params depending on its type.

The cutscene module, containing the basic set of events and actions, is separated from the engine core so new modules containing new events and actions can be added in the future.


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S2Engine messages system




All scene objects can communicate with each other by exchanging messages.

This feature allows you to combine the behavior of different objects (such as triggers, weapons, doors, etc...), obtaining more complex behaviors and game logic.


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