The animation system has been designed as a natural extension of the S2 ENGINE architecture, based on nodes, that allows you to organize objects in a hierarchical manner. The current version allows you to have keyframed animations applied to both skinned models (skin / bone based) and hierarchical models (i.e. composed of meshes arranged in a hierarchy).

In the editor, you can mark some of the animation frames as keyframes. During the execution of the animation, when it reaches a key frame, the animated object receives a message: It 's possible to process the message to run, for example, a sound, activate a particle system, etc. ...

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The Animation Blending system has been completely changed from the previous.

In S2 ENGINE HD animations are organized into channels, in each channel an entity can simultaneously run multiple animations, each with a different percentage.


For example, 20% walking and 80% running, or, can have a percentage of strafing in relation of the "aiming" direction.

The channels are blended together through masks, just like in materials system.


This means, for example, you can create a mask for the upper body of a character and attach it to a channel " Fire Animation ", then running another channel with the animation "Run/Walk" you can superimposing the "Fire Animation" channel to it through mask.

The result is that the character shot as he walks for 20% and runs for 80%.

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